Two childhood friends are back together to create and perform. 

AA and DK first met at a very young age and learned to play music together. After following separate paths they joined again and formed ETERI, a music duo with rock and electronic music influences. 

Athanasios Argyris                                                                     Dimitris Konstandopoulos 

ETERI is a name but in Greek could mean other/different (spelled "ΕΤΕRΟΙ") or partners (spelled "ΕΤΑΙRΟΙ") .

Shadows of Our Past (original painting by AA)

Crystal Lovers, released on June 23, 2024 (original painting by AA)

"Fall in Paris" 

"Fall in Paris", a new release by ETERI on May 24, 2023. A ballad about emotions, sadness and loneliness. Original painting by AA.

        Tree in Turmoil (painting by AA)

No Time to Cry (original painting by AA; song released on June 14, 2022)

    My Little One  (original painting by AA; song released on July 14, 2022)

DK playing his guitar

Our Lost Years (original painting by AA; song released on October 31, 2022)

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DK and his guitar

Eternal Roses (original painting AAΣ)

Bleeding Vase (original painting AAΣ)